Saturday, December 25, 2010

what is life(pursuit of happiness )

life is like a "marathon "
never think of becoming
a winner or a looser
just enjoy the race
like an amateur.
         life is like our "semester"
         a lot of joy and a lot of concepts
         hidden in the books
         enjoy them through out the year
         never go only for the pointers .
life is like a "candle"
which keeps the darkness beneath itself
and illuminates the life of anybody else
so ;learn to burn yourself  for
helping and setting examples  for others.
          life is like a "battle "
          but never think of being killed
          or to kill anybody else
          just fight keeping your breath tight ,
          and let the fire inside you always ignite.
life is like an "everlasting true love"
just  enjoy the feelings because
it's a fortune in itself to be in a true love ,
never mind ! it's rare to find an  example
when someone in this world
gets love in response of his true love.
           mind it!
getting and loosing are some moments ,
never stop the race of life ,
run always as you are a marathon athlete.
always remember !
         " winning legends are too busy to think about  success or defeat "

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