Monday, December 20, 2010


Let me live in my dreams 
in her loving memory streams
because this is the only place 
where i can enjoy a divine mental peace.

while being in dreams 
i don't want to get up
so don't wake me up 
and if you are near me
even in my dreams 
you are requested to
keep your mouth shut.
as i don't want to get up
so don't wake me up.

this is the place where
i can talk to her  
she can talk to me
i can walk along with her 
she can walk along with me .

in such a divine peace
i can compose my poems 
and she can listen to me 
so i don't want to get up 
and please please please 
don't wake me up.

but remember O GOD !
please wake me up 
when i can see her 
with my open eyes 
because O ! my dream lady
whenever i see you '
in my day times ,it's not less than 
my dream come true !

one thing i would like to tell you
where ever you go ;
whatever you do;
i shall be right here waiting for you ,
because ,whenever i see you 
it's not less than  my dream come true.

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