Monday, December 20, 2010


Best of your hard work 
And best of your luck ,                                  
May god give you 
a positive CGPA jerk .
But never forget to do 
your knowledge oriented work.
Because  this will make you an engineer
But that will make you a clerk .
As fortune favours the brave ;
So be focused on your work ,
And be sure that you are 
Going to entertain a "GOOD LUCK"!
 best of your hard work 
And best of your luck.
My best wishes are always with you ,
May god give you an extreme 
potential to work !  

POEM  HISTORY:-  This poem was composed before our end sem exam 2009 .After feeling that most of the student among us study only for marks  sometimes we think to make something like artificial 
intelligence but we are making us a mere hard-disk .do you think that  that a hard disk can ever make an artificial intelligence ?

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