Friday, December 31, 2010

life 2 (pursuit of happiness 2)

Opportunities are not always
As bright as you think
Sometimes it seems that
Our life is going to shrink
But have patience ! one day
Your life will again be rosy pink
Thorns were a always a part of it (rose)
So you need not to worry
You need not to think .
Life is not always full of light
Sometimes it seems that
Nothing in our life is alright
But in this dark period life is defined as
The struggle and fight to get some light
And keeping the hope that
Everything will soon be alright

Someone has said that
"strength is life and weakness is death "
But the real thing is that
Happiness is life and grief is death
And secret of happiness is always
Having your faith in yourself .

Life is not all about earning money
But it is all about earning happiness and harmony
Because after having money ;you will
Still be running for happiness
But after getting the path of happiness
You need not to run for money.

                                      " so try to get the way to happiness and harmony
                                             after that you won't need more money"  

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